I love this tank for it's durability, but it's also light weight and feminine. I also wear it because it REALLY is how I think while gardening. I live by a very busy road, I have STUPID loud cars I am constantly flipping off. I flip off the AIRPLANES, just for noise, don't hate planes. I don't flip off the bikes, those are cool. Sometimes I have to beat up a local squatter. The first one could read, and pretty much knew to leave me alone! This is for anyone who wants to be comfortable, look good, and not care about getting dirty... either in the dirt, or fighting in the dirt! Love this, also makes a GREAT gift for that certain person who has a sense of humor! Let go, and garden like you MEAN it! Even if you don't know what you are doing!
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These shirts are amazing! They are so soft and comfortable even in this heat wave Washington is having! I love wearing this shirt, it let's my family know I'm busy taking care of my flowers and to leave me alone. This shirt let's everyone know I mean business in my yard and the design is so unique...
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I have a tank top (gray) and I LOVE it! Super comfy, chic design, and hilarious message. I have received a lot of compliments while wearing it. Makes a great gift too (for those with a sense of humor)! Get your gardening on!
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I LOVE this tank top! It is the softest, most comfortable material I have ever felt and the colour is amazing. The design is so unique and beautiful, I can’t wait to order more!! 🙂
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