How does COVID-19 affect my order?

In short, there are fulfillment delays.

I work with a fulfillment company which prints my designs and then ships orders out to you all. In order to keep their staff safe and healthy, and to continue to fulfill orders, they are following WHO recommendations for physical distancing and having staff work at home when feasible.

This rearranging of how their company operates takes time and has temporarily caused the fulfillment process to slow down. They are also seeing delays in their supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers.

Since they have been a very supportive company and have always had outstanding print quality, I will not be looking elsewhere to print my products. Orders are still being fulfilled; they will just take longer for the meantime.

I appreciate your support and understanding during this time.

What are the current fulfillment times?

The fulfillment company I work with is active in updating current fulfillment times which I will, in turn, update here. Again, I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please, be prepared for unexpected delays.

Apparel: US / 2-7 business days; EU / 2-7 business days

Mugs: US / 3-8 business days; EU / 2-5 business days

Are your designs customizable?

Yes! I accept custom requests, with some limitations. Please, contact me for more info!